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Experiencing stillness in your mind

experiencing stillness in your mind

Yoga Essentials | Experiencing stillness in your mind
Our third Module of this series of 4 classes.

Now perhaps you have been practicing yoga for a few years now, or you are curious about yoga and/or just started this beautiful practice. We have created a course for you to receive that aha moment. To connect the dots and truly be able to surrender to the flow of Yoga. Flow within your body, breath and mind.

By truly diving deep into the essentials we will look at your body and give you the tools that will help you understand your practice. This will also give you the knowledge on how to answer your personal needs within your yoga practice. Staying true to your personal yoga path, while being able to enjoy your practice in a group setting. If you prefer practicing online this will also create a safer practice helping you use the correct alignment for your body.

Quieting the Monkey Mind…

We all know those moments where thoughts take over and it feels like we are being lived. Often during a yoga class we practice meditation, yet it can be hard to just sit there and silence the Monkey mind.
Experiencing stillness in your mind is possible with practice and more importantly learning the right tools.

Yes a course series to learn Sukha Wave’s essentials of yoga, the perfect tools to carry with you on your yogic path.

Possible to follow on two different dates:

Wednesday 11 November 20:00-21:30
Saturday 14 November 10:00-11:30

Investment for the complete series: € 65,- or €18,50 per class.

Taught live in our studio. Or join in online at a later date. This will be set up as a live coaching class. Perfect if you prefer to follow this course from the comfort of your home. Check out the following link for more information about our Online Portal.

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14 november
zaterdag @ 10:00 am - 11:30 pm



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