About SUKHA WAVE Yoga Lifestyle

Hi, my name is Sandra Wilson and I am the owner and founder of Sukha Wave. Sukha means an everlasting state of happiness and, Wave stands for not resisting the current of life.

Through Sukha Wave, I would like to guide you into incorporating wellness in your daily life, through tools offered by the yogic lifestyle and Lunar Living. Helping you enhance performance, while feeling focused and relaxed.

I offer the classes, workshops, and seminars in Dutch and English.

Fun Facts

Weekly Yoga Classes

Join the weekly classes in Almere or through the online portal.


Years of Experience

I am an India trained Yoga teacher since 2008, and continue to deepen my studies yearly with my international teachers.


On demand Classes

Every week a new on demand class is added to the list which you can watch whenever suits you


Moon Wisdom Tribe Event

A side of Sukha Wave I am also founder and co-creator of the Moon Wisdom Tribe together with Nadia Koppers. Minimum once a month we host a special event.

Meet my Friends

Within Sukha Wave connection is very important
The connection to your body and mind, and to like minded individuals.
I would like to introduce my friends and colleagues


co-founder and co-creator Moon Wisdom Tribe

I met Nadia when she walked into a class of mine in 2009, and she never left since. Following a similar yogic path, starting her studies in India 8 years ago. Since 2020 we joined our forces on a mission to share our knowledge and love for living connected to nature and the Moon’s phases. Check out our Moon Wisdom Tribe here!


substitute Yoga Teacher

Doortje joined Sukha Wave as a student in 2017. She soon developed a passion for Yoga and decided to start her studies to become a Vinyasa Yoga teacher three years later. Learn more about Doortje here!


Expert in the Art of Healthy Cooking

My friend and teacher in nutrition since 2009. She shares her knowledge and amazing food with us during Retreats and special occasions. Find out more about Mercedes on her Website: The Art of Healthy Cooking

Class Schedule, Safety & Multilingual Guidance

Due to Covid-19 classes are taught according the rules and regulations as set by the RIVM. Please do contact me if you have any questions!

For further information about our classes, check out the class schedule below.
If a translation is needed do not hesitate to ask, private classes can be taught in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Dutch.